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Special Investor Benefits

Defining Investor Service
Because repeat investors are our greatest achievement, our first priority is the personal attention to and fulfillment of their specific objectives.

Frequent, Accurate Communication
Communication is the foundation of our investor loyalty. We listen carefully to our investors and take the time to inform them about their investment progress.

Cautious Innovators
We have secured our competitive edge by converting challenging opportunities into real revenues. We adhere to the risk averse profile of our investors and expertly enhance value through investment finance, income or property use.

What makes HCA unique?
We have a life time commitment to our profession and our organization. We are here to stay. Large institutions often are staffed with investment decision-makers who move frequently among companies and disciplines. Smaller companies often lack the experience or market staying power that we have enjoyed over many years.

We're highly selective about our investments. We hold to our criteria. Each investment passes through a comprehensive analysis using a team approach. Each property must demonstrate strong performance potential during down economic cycles in order to meet our standards.

We are responsive to the market. We move quickly, unlike large institutional investment companies who are constrained by narrow guidelines. We identify and act decisively upon investment opportunities that arise in the market.

We do market analysis in-house. We are committed to an integral understanding of the real estate marketplace. Many firms delegate this critical job to analysts who are not ultimately responsible for the investment decision. We devote significant resources to staying at the leading edge of trends, research, and events.

We are accountable to our investors. We make no excuses. Our investments perform. We produce the highest reasonably attainable returns for our investors. Timely and useful reports keep our clients and investors fully informed about their investment and its growth.

We stand side-by-side with our investors. In addition to being general partners and managers, the principals of HCA invest side-by-side with their investors.

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